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Westchester county Local Home Tutoring or Online! or both!

      Hiring a tutor in White Plains, NY through Tutoring Services, LLC is one of the best options for improving your child’s academic achievement. Our White Plains tutors are professionals who teach as well as inspire.

        Our tutors invariably get excellent results: increased student test scores, better overall grades, improved study habits, improved homework habits, and better attitudes. That’s why our tutors in White Plains, NY are a cost-effective choice for parents who want to improve their child’s performance and confidence in the classroom.

        Mutliple methods exist for preparing for academic subject exam, course, mid-term or final.  We offer methods of preparing for your test through either local home tutor, online tutor or study guide.  Ranging from 1 on 1 tutoring, group tutoring and private tutoring for grade levels k-12, college and adult levels.  Some methods are better then others, sometimes it's recommended to use multiple learning methods, all of these options depend on student's or parent's level of affordability , and how much they want their son or daughter to do well in their academic career.

We help Westchester County Parents get matched with Local Academic Tutors

We help parents get any academic tutor!  Simply call our number or navigate through this site to find your best match, or better what check out sister site to get the full idea of what we are all about what services we offer, or simply continue reading here.  Note we are Home tutoring match making agency not a learning center in White Plains.  Learning centers do not provide flexible learning options 1 on 1 individualized attention and flexible hourly rates rates that fit student's needs, neither do they provide online tutoring.  At least 95% of the cases that we seen so far.  Other big tutoring companies you see, with lots of tutors also, overchage parents simply because their agency comission rates are way higher then ours!  However we have unique system and can provide you the best pricing. 

       However do not expect to call us and get a certified teacher to  tutor your son or daughter for $20.00 - $70.00 per hour, who will come to your home in White Plains, this type of pricing is unrealistic when working through the agency or even when not working through the agency.  However we do have other options thare are just as realistic as that $20.00 - $70 per hour just not 1 on 1 home tutoring for certified teacher type of tutor (not in some rare circumstances such pricing can be realisti depending on what type of certifeid teacher, which is why it's important to navigate through our site or call us to discuss what type of tutor you need).  Such options range from group tutoring, online, and self guided methods. Note we do not declare prices we let Westchester County delcare tutoring market rate.   Hence is what makes us different the most in comparison to many other companies you see.. Wnat what's best for your son or daughter? 


Why some learning methods are better than others?     

     Private home tutors get better result than a study guide alone or online tutor, however sometimes combining multiple learning options in effort to increase learning effectiviness of your child or daughter attending any of the White Plains NY public, private schools may be the most desired option of it all.  Which is why our company specializes in educational solutions for parents and students of White Plains NY and not just tutor match making as oppose to other companies who simply match make you or your son and daugther and do not provide you with options.

         Preparing for math test for example with study guide methods can be great option and alternative to tutoring, however it's not the same as the local home tutor providing private home tutoring lesson in math face to face extracting all the waek links out of student's knowledge and level of academic expertise and reinforcing weak concepts with more concrete exercises.   Note many tutoring agencies simply match make you but does not really keep track of their tutors do not interview them, do not pre-screen them and chage parents way too much money for something that should not cost that much in a first place, our compnay realized that, and turned that around  in 180 degrees direction and created robust Local home tutoring network of websites specifically in Westchester and Fairfield County with goal to reduce tutoring expenses for Westchester County residents.  

Should I find a tutor with the help of the Tutoring Services, LLC agency or on my own?

We provide 2 options for White Plains NY residents of how to search for tutor.

Option 1. On your own (more riskier option with many disasdvantages), but in some cases can save money since no tutoring agency recurring comission fee is involved. To contact and exchange numbers for many of our tutors parent would have to pay $15, but then can work directly with the tutor without any middle man in between.  We refer to option 1 as Quantity.

Option 2. Best of the best tutoring match option with highest quality, provides customized match options, more safer for White Plains or Westchester County Residents (due to pre-screening mechanism we deploy), work with the agency, to help with unique match making needs, in many cases can be more affordable than independent tutors that you find with option 1 (due to our specifically designed network of local tutoring sites). 

Tutoring Recurring Comission Fee is involved, to help us provide higher quality service, howevery very miminium for the amount of features and flexibility tutors get, making it more easier for tutors to work through callmytutor than working on their own.  In both cases with option 1 and 2 tutors are independent contractors.  Tutoring Services, LLC acts as the agent to help student find affordable match and obtain reliable tutor.  We refer to option 2 as Qaulity.

This very same site that you are looking at, and it's hub site that is all powered by one central site called CallMyTutor

        So far we managed to do a pretty good jjob, and have had a high interest of tutors who wanted to become tutors working directly with us, however our company is very strict on who we enroll into our tutoirng company, for a simple reason: We want Westchester County community to be safe and have reliable tutor match.   Hence is there reason wh you do not see a lot of tutors who work with us, simply because we prefer quality over quantity.  If you rather prefer quantity and noter interested in personalized high quality match and rather prefer finding tutor on your own without our tutoring agency's assistance, then feel free to visit our sister site there are plenty of independent tutors, however we do not manage these tutors, we do not gurantee that what you get on our sister site will be great tutor, meaning tutors registered tehre are not directly enrolled or managed by Tutoring Services, LLC.   There is no phone support and to contact and obtain first lesson parents would have to pay $15, however after that they can work directly with such tutors.  

        With there is no refunds if your first lesson did not go right all tutors are independent tutors and act out of their own interest, there is no tutoring discount packages offered by tutors that can save parents money in an organized comparable manner, all tutors charge same hourly rate regardless of grade level or difficult, there is no tutoring agency to review and verify tutors through rigorous pre-screening mechanisms as what we do with our local based White Plaisn Tutors, and many tutors simply end up charging more money then what you would get in many cases through our local Tutoring Services, LLC managed model agency. 

          To see reasons why visit our  Plus our local tutoring agency focus orriented company does match making for both local and online tutoring and provices all the tools to tutors to conduct tutoring online.   For example check out our math tutoring page to see how exactly online math tutoring for westchester county residents happens and why it's way better to work through Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency through recurring comission based model as oppose to doing business direct through  (although we do not discourage you from going through Quantity route rather then quality route).

          Let us try to give you a comparison what the difference really is between attempting to work with the independent tutor your self through as oppose to through CallMyTutor business model.  Note both business models owned by Tutoring Services, LLC.   Ok here comes the comparision.  Have you seen lately how there are multiple products on the market?  Such as IPAD, Surface Pro, Samsung, Android, and many many different technologies?  

         Have you noticed yet how for example Samsung makes tvs, refrigerators, play station,  tablets, and have you noticed something specific about evertyhing that is made by Samsung?   Have you noticed that if you bought Samsung Galaxy Tablet for example and wanted to sync it up to your Samsung TV that you do not need any external gadgets, such as for example in case of IPAD table having Apple TV just to hook it up to your TV?   Have you noticed how Apple charges for everything such as charger that you  must pay for $50 and you can't get your self any other charger but theirs?   What is the moral of this story? 

     The moral is simple many companies are out there which have many incompatible technologies, that result in consumer simply going through extra hoops to get what they want.  Think of Tutoring Servies, LLC in world of tutoring  education  for White Plains parents as Samsung in the world of technologies.   Meaning we network it all together, you do no thave to work with multiple companies to help you find a local tutor and another company to help you find online, you can meet with your tutor face to face, over Surface Pro, IPAD or Android or any other PC directly with tutor before they show up at your home in White Plains NY as a possible option. 

          Students and parent can discuss pricing with tutor directly over our propriatory whiteboard and simply just see if tutor is ok teaching you, or your son and daughter for slightly lower price, have the power of negotiation, directly with the tutor, have accounting headaches all being done by our company, be able to view detailed tutoring profiles of tutors and how different they are in their subject of expertise, grade level, see their packages, see picture, practice tests thtat tutor may have created or tutorials, or worksheets uploaded, being able to cross compare tutors side by side etc.  It's just way too many advantages of going through recurring agencycomission  fee rather then trying to find a tutor on your own and attempt to work directly. However if you still prefer to work with tutor directly and not pay any tutoring agency comission fee and prefer quantity of tutors rather then asking for help to ensure that you have high quality tutor, then feel free to visit   We wanted to offer both options to White Plains and Westchester County and Fairfield County residents.

          FYI our tutoring agency comission rate  is very low,  one of the lowest ones in the whole Westchester and Fairfield County if not the lowest!  Plus our home tutoring agency offers suggest your price option for White Plains Tutors, meaning if we can't find you a local tutor within your price rate we will attempt to recruit one, we have the highest network of academic sites, making it much easier for us to recruit tutor for your son or daughter at fraction of the cost of any other company, hence  when working with us you are not just stuck in a single price rate, you can call us and tell us your budget and we will tell you what is possible and what is not in Westchester County, and if it's not possible we recommend alternative op tion.   This is something that other tutoring agencies simply can't do, but we can.  That is another reason why you want to work through the agency.  Anoth

Note depending on which tutor you are looking for, one site maybe betther then the other, however on avg if you want more quality tutoring match and can afford the best for your son or daughter, then definitely feel free to contact our agency and continue reading further.  However if you can't afford the best service, visit


Breaking the Failure Cycle

What causes students to fail? A single factor or a combination of factors may be at work. Whatever the cause, a tutor in White Plains can provide the intensive, one-on-one instruction that classroom teachers can’t provide due to time constraints and class size. For example, a private tutor can provide struggling students with remediation, correcting learning deficits that may be preventing them from grasping new concepts and skills. A tutor can also reinforce daily lessons.

Is the pace of a course is too fast? Our tutors in White Plains will review difficult concepts and break down complex ideas for struggling students, allowing them to succeed a little at a time, grow in confidence, and break the cycle of failure that so often causes students to give up on their studies. Is a course progressing too slowly for your advanced student, causing him or her to feel frustrated become inattentive, or act out in class? Our tutors will augment classroom instruction to keep your child interested and learning. In short, with our private tutors in White Plains, students learn at the pace that’s best for them.

Expecting (and Getting) the Best

When you hire one of our tutors in White Plains, NY you get the best tutoring services in the area, hands down. Our tutors are experts in their academic area—certified teachers, college professors, college students pursuing advanced degrees, and degreed professionals who are highly knowledgeable in one or more fields of study. They have also been thoroughly vetted, so you and your child are assured safe tutoring services from reliable professionals, every time.

Looking for a tutor for your elementary-age child? Or perhaps you have children in middle school or high school. No matter what the grade level, we have a tutor in White Plains who’s qualified to provide personalized instruction. We even have tutors for college students and adults who are prepping for qualifying standardized examinations such as the GRE, GMAT, and Praxis. Best of all, we provide tutors in a wide variety of academic subjects, including math, science, English and language arts, social studies and history, and business education. Some of them specialize in specific courses such as algebra, geometry, U.S. History, chemistry, and physics. We additionally have tutors who specialize in standardized test prep for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

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Arranging Tutoring in White Plains, NY

To learn more about our services or to arrange online or home tutoring in White Plains, NY contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the number on your screen.