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Algebra, Trig, Geometry, Calc, Statistics, Probability, or other types of math does not have to be hard!

Your math homework is so bad, the dog wouldn’t eat it, not even if you gift wrapped it in bacon. No matter how hard you try, your answers just don’t match the ones in the back of the book. Or when they do, it’s apparently by accident, if those red marks on your returned papers are anything to go by.

You’re starting to think you might as well give up and try again during the summer—or even next year, but a little voice inside your head keeps telling you that would be silly. Listen to that little voice. It’s absolutely correct, especially since getting math homework help from a math tutors in White Plains, NY, is easy and affordable through Tutoring Services, LLC.

Tutoring Services, LLC helps k-12, college level students get better grades in math!

We matches math tutors in White Plains with students who need math homework help and other academic assistance in math class. No matter what course you’re taking—trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, geometry, algebra, pre-algebra, or business math—we have an experienced and knowledgeable math tutor in White Plains who can provide you with the individualized private instruction you need not only to start performing well in math class.


With the help of a math tutors in White Plains, you can improve your grades and acquire the good foundation in math that you need for success in future math classes.So what are you waiting for? Sparky’s starving for some really good math homework. Give it to him. Contact us today by phone or email to find a math tutor in White Plains.


Let us help you find a math tutor for your son or daughter in White Plains NY area or Westchester County NY


Let us help you find a math tutor in White Plains, NY,and get the help you or your son or daughter needs to achieve success in math class. With the assistance of Tutoring Services, LLC, math students at every level (elementary through college) can receive invaluable private instruction outside the classroom through in-person or online math tutoring.

What math course do you need help with? Tutoring Services, LLC  can find math tutors for a variety of classes, including algebra, business math, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. Once you get matched with the right mathematics expert, you’ll get the math homework help you need to raise your grade and improve your understanding. A math tutor can

  • help you finish your math homework,
  • check your math homework,
  • identify repeated errors in your math homework, &
  • Provide remediation.

Location and Math Tutoring  Pricing for White Plains NY Students in Westchester County NY


       Our tutoring location takes place at home, public library or starbucks, or alterantively online.  Pricing for hourly rate depends on qualification and educational experience.  Some tutors are certified teachers, some subject experts.  Our subject matter experts also offer discount packages, helping parents save money on their expenses. Even if you live in Pelham, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Purchase Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, Weston, or Wilton our tutors can travel to these locations and provide high quality Fairfield County academic educational services.


How we can help you get matched with the right math expert localy in Westchester County NY area?

          Tutoring Services, LLC can connect parents of Westchester County NY, and Farifield County area with reliable math algebra tutors or nearby areas, whether your son is in college or high school or middle school our Algebra Mathematics experts can help. For parents with Middle school kids who’re taking their first algebra class can also greatly benefit from the assistance of a private lessons in  Pre-algebra, Honors Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II—whatever course you’re taking, you’ll be able to find an algebra subject matter expert to help your son or daughter better understand rigorous subjects of mathematics.. Choose private instruction within your own home or some other convenient location, or select an online algebra math tutor.

We can help variety of student audience, such as

  • Adults,
  • College Students,
  • k-12 Elementary, Middle, High School Kids
  • Home School Kids
  • Math Educators trying to become certified teachers for the state of New York!
  • Private School or Public School Kids


Topics our Math instructors can cover

Math Help
  • Adding
  • Multiplication
  • Substraction
  • Division
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Common
  • Denominators
  • Fractions
  • and more
  • Conic Circles
  • Angles
  • Theorems
  • Sin, Cos, Tan
  • High School and
  • College
  • Trigonometry Help
  • Functions
  • and more
Algebra Help
for students
  • Pre Algebra
  • Basic Math
  • AP/Honors
  • Algebra
  • Intermediate
  • College
  • High School
  • Algebra
  • Advanced/Linear
  • and more
Study Help
  • Pre-Calc
  • Calc 1, 2, 3
  • AP
  • Honors
  • Advanced
  • Business Calc
  • Differential
  • Equations
  • and more
Geometry Help
and test Prep
  • Basic
  • Analytic
  • Plane
  • Eucledean
  • Solid
  • Coordinate
  • AP
  • Honors
  • Geometry Help
  • and more
Statistics Help
  • Elementary Stats
  • AP, College
  • Graduate Probability
  • Combinatorics
  • Sample Space
  • Permutations
  • Combinations
  • Factorials
  • and more

If Math Private Math lessons too expensive, why not try our Online Self-study Math Materials?

We have Algebrator mathematics software which can help students tackle their math fears. We have online math course access for students looking to study mathematics course online. View our academic study guides in math algebra section shown below this page. Our Mathematics Test Prep materials can be used in conjunction with our home algebra experts who can offer tutoring services online and can help students with the algebra studies for lower price than a private home tutor. We also have variety of study test prep material for high school or middle school students in the form of various types of study guides shown below.

Online Math Tutoring for White Plains NY Residents


Contact us today to help you get matched with one of our online math tutors if you can not afford local math tutor in Norwalk CT.  Creator of this Whiteboard Solution is DBA Binary Fusion if you are a company and like similar  solution integrated we can help

Math is easy as 1, 2, 3 with variety of test prep math material

 math-edu-icon Mathematics Help for New Canaan CT Students

  Prep for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc

 Great supplementary study for k-12, college students

 Mathematics Teaching Certification Test Prep Help

               We have variety of Mathematics Subjects Study Guides, not just in Algebra but other Math subjects.

Affordable Math Textbooks For College Students in Westchester County!

We realize education can be expensive, Tutoring Services, LLC helps make books affordable. Which is why we created UsedCollegeBooks.NET site, that allows students to buy and sell books directly from each other on campus, avoiding the middle man and helping students save money on shipping and waiting in llong lines in your college bookstore. We have mathematics textbooks which you can buy directly from other school students, simply register on our site FREE of charge! Post your Math Book and wait for the other students to contact you and meet them directly on campus and sell your book. Alternatively students can buy or sell Math textbooks online and see how much their book is worth. Want to find out how much it’s worth? Visit UsedCollegeBooks.NET today! 

So how can I get the math tutor?


Simply Browse for tutors below or contact us by our phone number or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to help you find you the right math tutor.

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Tori S   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Under Graduate
Occupation: Student
I Speak: English

Cos cob : 06807
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 78
Background check: Last verified 10/12/2015  Passed
I am a certified tutor with the National Tutoring Association. I am a student at Sarah Lawrence College where I am studying writing and psychology. I excel at math and English. I helped teach my AP Statistics course. During high school I tutored fellow students in various levels of math from Algebra 1 & 2 through AP Statistics. I also helped students with writing, grammar, and reading. I love helping kids with all aspects of reading. It is wonderful to work with them and get to see the "aha" look on their face when they... Read More
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Mathematics High School, Elementary, Middle School $ 36.4 - $ 54.6 per hour
Jonathan F   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Under Graduate
Occupation: Programmer
I Speak: English
New york

Rye : 10580
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 90
Background check: Last verified 8/3/2015  Passed
I have over 1 year of total teaching experience (multiple subjects), and have written a book called "Principles of Programming: Java Level 1", which covers the Java programming language from "Hello World" to while loops.Ever since I was young, I've always been told that I am a great teacher. I am my family's go-to guy, when there's a computer problem. Starting when I was in the third grade, I invented various math-related games that friends of mine played. The kids told me of how they became better at math, as a result of playing my... Read More
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Mathematics High School, College, Elementary, Middle School $ 65 per hour
This Tutor Offers Discount Packages Save Money $$$

Recommended Study Guides for mathematics

TExES Mathematics 115 Grade 4-8 Elementary | Middle School Cert Test Prep

Price:  -
Study Guide Type: TExES Mathematics 115 Grade 4-8 Elementary | Middle School Cert Test Prep
Exam Code: texes-115
Learn how to prepare for TExES 115 Grade 4-8 Elementary/Middle School Exam   Studying for your Elementary/Middle School TEXES  exam?  Learn how to improve your test Math score with tips, practice questions and detailed review learning resources for Educators seeking Grade 4-8 leve...

TExES Mathematics 7-12 (235) Flashcard Study System: TExES Test Practice Questions & Review for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (Cards)

Price:  $39.99
Study Guide Type: TExES Mathematics 7-12 (235) Flashcard Study System: TExES Test Practice Questions & Review for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (Cards)
Exam Code: texes-235
Interested in preparing for your Middle/High School Teacher Cert? Studying for this exam with flash cards can help you improve your memorization skills and increase your chances of doing better on your exam.  Comprehensive Practice Review & Questions for TExES 117   Review for you...

TExES Mathematics High School Grade 7-12 | Exam 235

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CSET Mathematics Exam Secrets Study Guide: CSET Test Review for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers

Price:  $38.63
Study Guide Type: CSET Mathematics Exam Secrets Study Guide: CSET Test Review for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers
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MTTC Mathematics (Secondary) (22) Test Secrets

Price:  $38.63
Study Guide Type: MTTC Mathematics (Secondary) (22) Test Secrets
Exam Code: mttc-022
Get this Desirable MTTC Mathematics (Secondary) (22) Test Secrets Do you think that your passion from teaching Mathematics in Secondary Level of the educational institutions? Then if that is a definite yes coming for you, we are more than happy enough to help you out with that. First, we suggest ...

NES Middle Grades Mathematics (203) Exam Secret

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Seize this Newest NES Middle Grades Mathematics (203) Exam Secret Are you in stress? Is it because of your study habit that using more time like studying at almost late night? Is it because of your reviewer that you are using now with its unproductive performance? Escape that style and meet this ...

AEPA Mathematics (10) Exam Secrets

Price:  $38.95
Exam Code:
Be Overwhelmed with this AEPA Mathematics (10) Exam Secrets  Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments is easy to pass with the helped of study guides given by experts and professionals. AEPA MAthematics (10) Exam Secrets is one of its product to help every test takers touch their desirable s...

MTTC Mathematics (Elementary) (89) Test Flashcard

Price:  $39.99
Study Guide Type: MTTC Mathematics (Elementary) (89) Test Flashcard
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Catch the Unbelievable MTTC Mathematics (Elementary) (89) Test Guide    Most test takers have the mentality attitude of “why would they rely on test guides if they have the knowledge gained over years spent in college and universities?” Well they took for granted the benefit...

FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics Test

Price:  -
Study Guide Type: FTCE Middle Grades Mathematics Test
Exam Code: ftce-math-5-9
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Bring Home That State Teaching Certificate in MTEL Elementary Mathematics Now With Our Comprehensive MTEL Elementary Mathematics (53) Test Prep!

Price:  $39.99
Study Guide Type: Bring Home That State Teaching Certificate in MTEL Elementary Mathematics Now With Our Comprehensive MTEL Elementary Mathematics (53) Test Prep!
Exam Code: mtel-53
Having a Teaching Certificate for MTEL Elementary Mathematics is one of the requirements set by your licensing state in order to land an employment in the pedagogical sector. Thus, as a beginning teacher, your primary goal is to pass the MTEL Elementary Mathematics (53) to get that teaching certific...



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