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School Ratings

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School ratings are a national and state issue because they reflect the proficiency rate of the American students and the effectiveness of the curriculum. These ratings profile of the schools is considered as an assessment tool to determine whether the curriculum and the educational systems are effective to educate the students. Higher ratings will mean that the school is effective in achieving their academic goals while lower ratings will mean that the school needs to improve on some aspects. Ignoring to read the criteria and knowing the meaning of these ratings may result to misunderstanding and wrong decision.


There is the National Assessment of Educational Progress of NAEP that serves as a national evaluation of the knowledge and skills of the American students gained from their classroom instructions. NAEP is a mandated project of the Congress and is supervised by the National Center of Education Statistics or NCES of the US Department of Education. NAEP results will show reliable information about the performance of the students with the different subjects and are released as the Nation’s Report Card. The subjects being evaluated in NAEP include science, writing and reading, and mathematics. Subjects like US history, geography, civics, economics, and arts are assessed annually. The teachers, students and the schools in White Plains NY are involved in the evaluation process to determine how the educational system and curriculum are helping the students learn or to know the areas that need to improve.


The New York State Testing Program or NYSTP is supervised by the Office of the State Assessment or OSA to administer evaluation for mathematics and science to students from kindergarten to grade 12 who are enrolled in private, public and charter schools in New York. The results of this assessment will be used as a tool to design and develop better curriculum for the state of New York.


What is the importance of these evaluation and ratings in White Plains NY to tutorial services?


Tutorial Services LLC designs our tutorial program, activities, and services basing on the actual results and school ratings to achieve the academic goals set by the government. Our commitment and friendly tutors, the students and our clients are assured of the help they need to improve their learning efficiency and reinforce what they have learned from the classroom instructions. It aims for higher ratings. Schools with higher ratings from the assessment tools or the standardized tests will provide the parents and the community reasons to entrust their children and their future to the schools in the state.


In the same way, entrust your children with us for quality tutorial services in White Plains at affordable pricing rates. Our clients/students are free to choose between online or home-based tutoring services to obtain the best quality service in learning. We are also ready to prepare your our clients/students to become confident in taking the standardized and other state examinations. Contact us now and let us discuss your academic needs and goals.


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