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Teacher Certification

Teaching is one of the world’s most stable careers. Although salaries for educators vary from state to state, certified teachers play an integral role in the educational process, and the demand for them remains relatively constant, even in tough economic times.

In addition to earning regular income as instructors in the New York public school system or at private schools in White Plains, certified teachers can generate additional income as tutors in the White Plains area, working part time in the evenings, weekends, and during the summer months.

But extra income is only one of the benefits of being a tutor in White Plains. Acquiring additional teaching experience and having the satisfaction of helping others are two other outstanding benefits.

Of course, you don’t have to be a certified teacher in order to tutor in White Plains or anywhere else. Degreed professionals, college professors, and even graduate students ordinarily have the necessary background to provide private instruction in their academic areas of expertise. Nevertheless, many parents and students prefer tutors who are working certified teachers. Why? They know that certified teachers have been trained in the art of teaching and that, as professionals in the school system, they have passed thorough criminal background checks.

If you are an aspiring teacher who would like to tutor in White Plains, NY, earning a teaching certificate is the best way to secure employment. Most certifications require a bachelor’s degree and, depending upon state requirements, one or more competency tests, such as Praxis II subject area exams. In the state of New York, the New York State Teacher Certification examination (NYSTC) is required. Additional training, such as sexual harassment and child abuse awareness classes, may also be required by a county or local school district prior to employment.

Becoming a certified teacher is well worth the effort, as certified teachers have more employment opportunities, more job security, and more earning power over time. As a certified teacher, you’ll have no difficulty in finding tutoring jobs in the White Plains area, especially if you join a tutoring agency like Tutoring Services, LLC in White Plains.

Tutoring Services, LLC has a broad client base and can provide certified teachers with tutoring clients year round. Our tutors, of course, are not limited to certified teachers. We also employ college professors, college students, and degreed professionals as tutors, but clients invariably prefer certified teachers and are generally willing to pay more for their services.