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If you’re a teacher in White Plains, NY, you may have considered tutoring part time. After all, the extra income would be nice, and it would be great to have more teaching experience, too—something good to put on your résumé. But how would you advertise your tutoring services? Would it be expensive? And would you attract enough clients to make your efforts worthwhile? These questions and others have stopped you from pursuing tutoring in the past, but what if attracting clients and other administrative details were taken care of for you so that all you had to do was … well, teach?

Does tutoring in White Plains part time sound better to you now?

If that’s the case, consider applying for the Tutoring Services, LLC tutoring team in White Plains, NY. At Tutoring Services, LLC, we take care of business for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best: teaching. We’ll keep a steady stream of clients coming your way year round. Unsure about how much you should charge? We can help you determine the best competitive rate for your tutoring services, too, and offer lots of other practical advice for becoming a success as a part-time tutor in White Plains. All we ask in return is a small percentage of your tutoring fees in order to cover our administrative costs.
Not everyone, of course, can be a Tutoring Services, LLC tutor in White Plains. Licensed, certified teachers; college professors; degreed professionals; and graduate students constitute the bulk of our tutoring team, with certified teachers being most favored by students and parents. Tutoring Services, LLC tutors must also pass a criminal background check and provide proof of their credentials, i.e. transcripts, licenses, and work history.

As a Tutoring Services, LLC tutor in White Plains, you have the option of providing home tutoring, online tutoring, and of tutoring individuals and/or small groups. Some of our tutors in White Plains specialize in high-demand areas like math homework help, SAT test prep, or challenging courses like algebra, physics, and chemistry. Our agency prefers to have tutors on our White Plains team who can provide instruction in more than one academic area. We also prefer tutors who can provide test prep in at least one standardized exam, such as the GRE, GMAT, and the Praxis I.

What do Tutoring Services, LLC tutors in White Plains do during private instruction? In addition to providing homework help and test prep, they routinely help students better understand material covered in class through one-on-one explanations, additional practice work, and remediation. They may also teach clients test-taking strategies and study skills and provide additional academic assistance, including help with major projects and reviews for midterms and finals. In some cases, the tutor’s job is to provide advanced students with the enrichment they need to stay interested in learning.
If you’re looking for a means of earning extra income, tutoring in White Plains may be the best choice for you. Consider joining the Tutoring Services, LLC team. To apply or to learn more about tutoring in White Plains, contact us by phone or email today.