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Tutor Jobs in Whiteplains

Hiring a tutor in White Plains, NY through Tutoring Services, LLC is one of the best options for improving your child’s academic achievement. Our White Plains tutors are professionals who teach as well as inspire.

Our tutors invariably get excellent results: increased student test scores, better overall grades, improved study habits, improved homework habits, and better attitudes. That’s why our tutors in White Plains, NY are a cost-effective choice for parents who want to improve their child’s performance and confidence in the classroom. Tutors get better result than a study guide alone, which only works as hard as the student who uses it. In most cases, students who are in academic trouble need the personal assistance of a professional in order to break the failure cycle.

Breaking the Failure Cycle
What causes students to fail? A single factor or a combination of factors may be at work. Whatever the cause, a tutor in White Plains can provide the intensive, one-on-one instruction that classroom teachers can’t provide due to time constraints and class size. For example, a private tutor can provide struggling students with remediation, correcting learning deficits that may be preventing them from grasping new concepts and skills. A tutor can also reinforce daily lessons.

Is the pace of a course is too fast? Our tutors in White Plains will review difficult concepts and break down complex ideas for struggling students, allowing them to succeed a little at a time, grow in confidence, and break the cycle of failure that so often causes students to give up on their studies. Is a course progressing too slowly for your advanced student, causing him or her to feel frustrated become inattentive, or act out in class? Our tutors will augment classroom instruction to keep your child interested and learning. In short, with our private tutors in White Plains, students learn at the pace that’s best for them.

Expecting (and Getting) the Best
When you hire one of our tutors in White Plains, NY you get the best tutoring services in the area, hands down. Our tutors are experts in their academic area—certified teachers, college professors, college students pursuing advanced degrees, and degreed professionals who are highly knowledgeable in one or more fields of study. They have also been thoroughly vetted, so you and your child are assured safe tutoring services from reliable professionals, every time.

Looking for a tutor for your elementary-age child? Or perhaps you have children in middle school or high school. No matter what the grade level, we have a tutor in White Plains who’s qualified to provide personalized instruction. We even have tutors for college students and adults who are prepping for qualifying standardized examinations such as the GRE, GMAT, and Praxis. Best of all, we provide tutors in a wide variety of academic subjects, including math, science, English and language arts, social studies and history, and business education. Some of them specialize in specific courses such as algebra, geometry, U.S. History, chemistry, and physics. We additionally have tutors who specialize in standardized test prep for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

Arranging Tutoring in White Plains, NY
To learn more about our services or to arrange online or home tutoring in White Plains, NY contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the number on your screen.

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