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Tutoring Rates and Pricing

The White Plains tutoring rates may vary dependent on the experience and academic qualifications of the tutor. It's also possible to have a price reduction, some of our tutors offer packages, which can help you save the costs. Our lesson rates vary based upon the student ratings, referrals, qualifications, academic degrees, and teaching experience of each tutor, which is why we ensure that you have the most qualified tutor for your son or daughter.

Although the White Plains hourly rates for our most experienced tutors may seem high, they compare favorably with other tutors of equal experience and qualifications. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the first hourly session, please notify us so we can reimburse your session. So what are you waiting, why not try it now and invest in your child's future today, call our White Plains tutoring specialist to schedule your first session.


Pricing per Session of White Plains Tutor varies depending on the private tutor's price range wherein 15% of it goes to White Plains Tutor for the administrative fees.

Note some of the sessions may last longer than an hour dependent on the student needs. It's higly beneficial to have at least 1.5 hours of session to gain a full benefit from the tutoring.