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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


Our dynamic team of competent and friendly tutors in White Plains NY offers an alternative intervention to help students understand lessons, get them excited to learn and improve their grades, motivate them to do their homework and other school tasks, and develop positive attitude for learning.


We have the best tutorial program and services through online tutoring, home-based tutoring, and homework help. We have the best resources of competent and friendly tutors whom you can trust and rely to help students in attaining their educational goals while helping them to become responsible, self-reliant, and creative. Our tutoring program caters to students from various levels, from kindergarten to grade 12, high school, and even college levels. We address to the concerns of students who are having difficulty in coping with their studies, or those who want to gain advance knowledge, or even those individuals who are preparing for any examinations.


Tutorial services offer flexibility, simple and easy ways of understanding lesson in school at affordable pricing rates. Online tutoring is a learning intervention where students are able to learn and do their homework with the help of our online tutors. Home-based tutoring services provide one-on-one method of learning in the convenience and comfort of their homes. Our tutors are qualified to tutor to subjects such as English, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, US History, Physics, Chemistry and many more. Our tutors went through records verification and background check.


Generally, both online and home-based tutoring services offer personalized tutoring and individualized attention in helping the students/tutees understand and appreciate their lessons from classroom instruction. It also encourages them to express their concerns with their lessons and subjects or ask questions pertaining lessons they cannot fully understand. Tutoring also give additional time to study after class hours. The learning method is focused more on the lessons and on the tasks that need to be accomplished; and help them develop good study habits and skills that will move them to study more and do their homework independently. Tutoring services aims at inspiring them to perform better in school confidently and responsibly.


If you are interested in hiring tutors to help your children achieve their academic goals, you can contact us by calling us or by sending us message through email. We hope that we shall nurture good partnership in developing responsible and confident learners!


Contact us by sending us email or by calling us to discuss about our tutorial program and services.

Once again, welcome to Tutoring Services LLC, your partners in helping your children develop self-reliance, responsibility, and confidence in performing their tasks in school, at home, and in their community.